Report of the Essence seminar on July 21st セミナー「モダン・ソフトウェアエンジニアリングのエッセンス」2020年7月21日実施報告

Smart SE (a professional education program of IoT, AI and innovation in Japan) successfully hosted a virtual online seminar on Essence by celebrating the publication of Japanese translation of the book titled “The Essentials of Modern Software Engineering”. The seminar on July 21st 2020 attracted more than 360 participants mostly from Japanese software industry.

The seminar consisted of three talks and one panel. Firstly, Dr. Ivar Jacobson introduced the background and motivation of the Essene, with Japanese explanation by Mr. Kenji Hiranabe.

Secondly, Mr. Masanori Kado explained the concept and mechanism of the Essence in detail by introducing the content of the book. Thirdly, Prof. Hironori Washizaki (me) introduced the history of software engineering and a case study of Essence in Japan. Finally, Mr. Kazuo Miyata, Ms. Satsuki Miyata, Mr. Hiroshi Kobayashi together with Kenji, Masanori and Hironori had a panel on future prospective of software engineering and Essence.

At the panel, the panelists discussed and confirmed that the Essence can be a good basis for describing, comparing, selecting and building practices and methods under agile and other contexts. Especially the panelists liked that the Essence can shed light on the importance of aspects of people, values and opportunities that are sometimes less focused in software development projects. The panelists discussed that sometimes (or often) software development activities seem to lack a theory of science, which should be necessary to regard the activities as professional *engineering*. The panelists confirmed that the book can be an essential textbook for any software engineering professional. Since we are in the era of software and data-driven digital transformation with various smart technologies including AI and IoT, the panelists confirmed that the importance of such basis is rapidly growing to handle various and emerging practices and technologies in software engineering and related disciplines. The panelists also confirmed that the Essence Kernel Alphas and other concepts such as Activity Spaces can be beneficial for planning, managing and reflecting software development projects.

Through live questions and the survey, we had very positive feedbacks from participants. In the survey result as of July 24th, 11% of all respondents (N=62) have already adopted the Essence, and 85% want to adopt the Essence for some purposes. We believe that the seminar became a great opportunity to let Japanese software engineering community to think about *essence* of software engineering, pick up the book, and consider adoption of the Essence.

スマートエスイー(IoT, AI, イノベーションの専門教育プログラム) は、Ivar Jacobson氏らの書籍『The Essentials of Modern Software Engineering』の訳書『モダン・ソフトウェアエンジニアリング』の出版を記念して、Essenceをテーマにしたオンラインセミナーを2020年7月21日に開催しました。Essenceは、国際的な運動SEMAT(Software Engineering Method and Theory)により、ソフトウェア開発において重要な概念や状態を整理した枠組みであり、方法論の組み合わせや新たな方法論の構築の基盤を与えるものです。セミナーには、日本のソフトウェア業界を中心に360名以上の参加者が集まりました。

セミナーは、3つの講演と1つのパネルで構成されました。最初に、Ivar Jacobson氏が、Esseneの背景と動機を紹介し、平鍋健児氏が日本語で解説しました。第二に、角征典氏が、Essenceの概念やメカニズムについて、本の内容を紹介しながら詳しく解説しました。第三に、鷲崎弘宜教授から、ソフトウェアエンジニアリングの歴史と日本におけるEssenceの事例をご紹介しました。


セミナー中の質問やアンケートを通じて、参加者の皆様から非常にポジティブな反応やご意見をいただきました。7月24日現在のアンケート結果では、回答者全体 (N=62) の11%が既にEssenceを採用しており、85%が何らかの目的でEssenceを採用したいと考えています。今回のセミナーは、日本のソフトウェアエンジニアリングコミュニティが、ソフトウェアエンジニアリングの「本質(エッセンス)」について考え、同書を手に取り、Essenceの適用を検討する良い機会になったと考えています。

スマートエスイー事業責任者 鷲崎弘宜
Hironori Washizaki