New Year’s Resolution 2019

In the New Year’s Resolution 2019,  I review the last year’s resolution 2018 and describe New Year’s Resolution 2019 in terms of Projects, Achievements, Community and Professional Contributions, and Team Organization. Japanese version is also available.

2018: 14 projects incl. SmartSE. 11+5 journals, 18+3 int’l conf. papers and posters. APSEC PC Co-Chair, WESPr Organizer, COMPSAC Local Chair, AsianPLoP General Chair. Continuation: Outside Directors of SYSTEM INFORMATION. New appointment: Associate Dean of Research Promotion Division of Waseda U., Outside Director of eXmotion. 

2019: 14+ funded projects, 7+ journals, 20+ int’l conf. papers. SISA PC Co-Chair, AsianPLoP General Chair. Smart SE consortium. Continuation (TBD): Associate Dean of Research Promotion Division of Waseda U., Outside Directors of SYSTEM INFORMATION and eXmotion.

2018:  We successfully conducted the following 6 projects including Smart SE in 2018. In addition, we continued 7+ industrial funded projects with industrial partners. We extended our international research connections incl. Fraunhofer IESE, Ecole Polytechnique de Montreal, Florida Atlantic University and Hillside Group.

2019: We will make this year with significant advance by continuing and expanding all of the above-mentioned 7 projects in 2019. Especially, we will launch the Smart SE consortium as a Industry-University cooperation platform. Also we will continue 7+ industrial funded projects with industrial partners. Moreover, we are rapidly enhancing research themes about Machine Learning and Systems and Software Engineering together with industrial partners since 2018.

*Achievements* (List of publications)
2018: We published and presented 11 journal papers mostly indexed in SCIE, ESCI and DBLP, 17 international conference and workshop papers (incl. 1 at CORE Rank A* conference, 1 at Rank A, 1 at Rank B, and 3 at Rank C), 1 international conference poster, 7 magazine articles and books, and 27 talks incl. one keynote. Our activities have been reported so frequently in many news medias and government meetings including Mainichi Shimbun and Japanese Government Future Strategy 2018. 7 international journal papers indexed in SCIE and DBLP, 2 international conference papers (incl. 1 at CORE Rank A*) and 1 international conference poster have been already accepted to be published in 2019. 2 journal papers have been conditionally accepted and to be revised in 2018. In addition, we received awards and honors incl. 2018 MOST READ ARTICLES at International Journal of Software Engineering and Knowledge Engineering. On 1st Jan 2018, Prof. Washizaki stated that we aimed to publish 7 journal papers (incl. 3+ international) and 20 international conference and workshop papers (3+ at CORE Rank A/A* and 10+ at Rank B). By considering papers approved to be published in 2019, we almost successfully achieved the goal of number of papers stated. Of course, we believe we can do better and more in 2019.

2019: Having the similar but extended clear vision stating that “smart systems and software engineering with special focus on actionable practices supported by theory and data for people and society”, we will push forward with research on smart, novel and actionable software and systems engineering methods and tools based on well-defined and validated theory to contribute to software and systems engineering industry and academia in collaboration with 10+ local and global partners. We continue to acquire large funds. We aim to publish impactful papers at better places: at least 7 journal papers (incl. 4+ international) and 20 international conference papers (3+ at CORE Rank A/A* and 5+ at Rank B/C). Many of our research achievements in the form of methods, practices and tools shall be continuously used and produce actual values through our local and global partners.

*Community and Professional Contributions*
2018: Thanks to many collaborators and supporters, we contributed to several major programming and engineering contests: ET Robocon 2018 Tokyo Regional Contest, IEEE-CS Proxor COMPSAC Java Programming T1 Challenge 2018 and IPSJ SamurAI Coding 2017-18. We organized and/or hosted many conferences and meetings including IEEE COMPSAC 2018APSEC 2018WESPr-18AsianPLoP 2018XP-Matsuri 2018Programming/IT Camps at Wasedawith Life is Tech, and G7 PROGRAMMING LEARNING SUMMIT. Moreover, Prof. Washizaki played key roles in many societies including ISO/IEC/JTC1 SC7/WG20 Convenor, IEEE Computer Society Membership at Large for the Professional and Educational Activities Board (PEAB), IEEE Computer Society SWEBOK Steering Group Member, IEEE Computer Society Tokyo/Japan Joint Chapter Vice-Chair, SEMAT Japan Chapter Chair, CSEE&T Steering Committee Member and JSSST Director. Prof. Washizaki served as Outside Director of SYSTEM INFORMATION CO., LTD. In addition, Prof. Washizaki has started to serve as Associate Dean of Research Promotion Division of Waseda University, Outside Director of eXmotion Co., Ltd., and Technical Adviser of GAIO TECHNOLOGY Co., Ltd.

2019: We will host and/or organize various conferences and meetings including AsianPLoP 2019on Mar 20-22, IEEE SISA 2019 on July 15-19, ET Robocon 2019 Tokyo Regional Contest on Aug-Oct and IPSJ SamurAI Coding 2018-19. For these events, Prof. Washizaki will play key roles such as PC Co-Chair of IEEE SISA 2019 and General Chair of AsianPLoP 2019 to contribute to the outer world and expand our network. Prof. Washizaki continue to serve as ISO/IEC/JTC1 SC7/WG20 Convenor, IEEE CS PEAB Member, IEEE CS SWEBOK Steering Group Member, SEMAT Japan Chapter Chair, CSEE&T Steering Committee Member, JSSST Director, Associate Dean of Research Promotion Division of Waseda University, Outside Director of SYSTEM INFORMATION CO., LTD., Outside Director of eXmotion Co., Ltd., and Technical Adviser of GAIO TECHNOLOGY Co., Ltd. In addition, Prof. Washizaki newly started to serve as IEEE CS Tokyo/Japan Joint Chapter Chair, APSEC Steering Committee Member and Society for Research on Work Competency Director.

*Team Organization*
2018: We had several new international students from Indonesia and Myanmar in 2018. Visiting Assoc. Prof. Kazunori Sakamoto (CEO of WillBooster) joined our team.

2019: Like last year, we expect some new students coming from various countries. Our team is growing and having more diversity in national origins, backgrounds and mindsets. Such diversity contributes to our team in various aspects such as creativity to advance the above-mentioned projects and professional contributions.

January 1st, 2019
Hironori Washizaki
Associate Dean of Research Promotion Division, Waseda University.
Professor and Director of Global Software Engineering Laboratory, Waseda University
Visiting Professor, National Institute of Informatics
Outside Director, eXmotion Co., Ltd.
Technical Adviser, GAIO TECHNOLOGY Co., Ltd.

Bertland Meyer著『アジャイルイントロダクション: アジャイル開発の光と影』石川監修・土肥・前澤・末永訳(敬称略)近代科学社出版に対し鷲崎が帯寄稿

Bertland Meyer著『アジャイルイントロダクション: アジャイル開発の光と影』石川監修・土肥・前澤・末永訳(敬称略)近代科学社出版。帯・推薦を書かせていただきました。なぜあなたのアジャイルは失敗するのか? 事前の準備や文書はムダか? コードはただシンプルであればよいのか? 管理者は不要か? 巷にあふれるアジャイル開発のウソ・ホントを理性的に暴き出しており、熟練者から入門者まで幅広くお薦めしたい一冊 です。ぜひ書店で手に取っていただければと思います。

CFP: AsianPLoP 2019 – 8th Asian Conference on Pattern Languages of Programs

AsianPLoP2019 8th Asian Conference on Pattern Languages of Programs, Mar 20-22, Life is Tech! Tokyo, is accepting pattern (language) paper submissions by Jan 25! In addition to general software and non-software topics, we collaborate with JSSST MLSE to have patterns for machine learning systems and engineering.

アジア地域パターン国際会議 AsianPLoP2019(3/20-22 Life is Tech! 東京)ではパターン(ランゲージ)投稿を1/25まで受け付けています。ぜひ投稿ください。ソフトウェア・非ソフト分野に加えMLSE研究会@mlse_jssst と連携し機械学習システム・エンジニアリングパターンも募集しています。



総務省ICTクラブ事業「こどものミライ」(研究参画: 早稲田大学)にて品川測器製作所さんの工場を12月15日見学

総務省ICTクラブ事業「こどものミライ」(研究参画: 早稲田大学)にて品川測器製作所さんの工場を見学させていただきました。アナログとデジタル、センサの仕組み、ものづくりや試験の現場に触れ、はんだごても握る貴重な機会に。以降の活動につなげたいと思います。関係者の皆様、有難うございました!

WESPr-18 was over!

WESPr-18 was over! Great talks and discussions on Security and Privacy in IoT/AI! We had joint social gathering together with iMLSE, QuASoQ and WISE. It was great to share ideas and connect with each other over different communities.